8 LED WS2812 Stick (NeoPixel Compatible, Digital RGB LED with Integrated Drivers)

If you want to show a bar graph or any other kind of visual animation, this is one of the best values you can find. Those are 8x WS2812B 5050 leds soldered on a pcb stick, ready to use.

*Intelligent reverse connect protection, the power supply reverse connection does not damage the IC.
*The control circuit and the LED share the only power source.
*Control circuit and RGB chip are integrated in a package of 5050 components, form a complete control of pixel 
*Built-in signal reshaping circuit, after wave reshaping to the next driver, ensure wave-form distortion not 
*Built-in electric reset circuit and power lost reset circuit.
*Each pixel of the three primary color can achieve 256 brightness display, completed 16777216 color full color 
 display, and scan frequency not less than 400Hz/s.
*Cascading port transmission signal by single line.
*Any two point the distance more than 5m transmission signal without any increase circuit.
*When the refresh rate is 30fps, cascade number are not less than1024 points.
*Send data at speeds of 800Kbps.
*The color of the light were highly consistent, cost-effective.. 
*Full-color module, Full color soft lights a lamp strip.
*LED decorative lighting, Indoor/outdoor LED video irregular screen. 
Package Included:
1pcs 8* WS2812 5050 RGB LED Module for Arduino


  • UNO R3 / WS2812
  • 5V / 5V
  • pin 6 / Data input
  • GND / GND


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