BGA dual AIR PUMP station Solder Soldering iron+hot air gun Double digital display 852D+ 220-240v

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Double digital display 852D+ BGA dual AIR PUMP Solder Soldering iron+hot air gun 220-240v

The console Power consumption 30W (standby: 4W)

Pump   Diaphragm type The maximum amount of air is 23 liters per minute

Temperature range 100 ° C ~ 450 ° C

External dimensions 160 (W) X 145 (H) X 225 (L) mm

Tip type heat transfer performance wear resistance and oxidation resistance fine components welding capacity for the characteristics of K-head, also known as the knife head is better and better general welding patch multi-pin ICD type head, also known as horseshoe head very good Poor welding and large heat dissipation of the fast-type components I-type head, also known as the tip of the head, more rounded tip more poor difference between the small chip components welding and micro-solder joints and alignment treatment B-head, also Called round tip generally better and better solderable patch and direct circuit board on the majority of components, for a wide range of the most commonly used tip Tip maintenance method 1. Choose the appropriate tin line Welding should use 63% -37% lead content of the solder, and often with tin to protect the welding head. This can reduce the oxidation opportunity of the welding head, making the welding head more durable. After use, should be slightly reduced after the humidity of the welding iron to apply a new tin layer, the use of tin plating to achieve better anti-oxidation effect. 2. Keep the welding head clean Use a moist, special cleaning sponge to erase the flux, old tin and oxide on the soldering iron head. After each use, be sure to clean the oxide on the head of the welding wire, and then add the tin tin tin layer on the new tin. 3. Place the weld iron on the wire holder Do not use soldering iron, should be carefully placed on the appropriate welding iron welding rack, so as not to damage the welding iron. 4. Instantly clean the oxide When the tin layer contains black oxide or rust, it is possible to make tin on the soldering iron head without welding work. If it is found that the tin layer has black oxide and can not be tin, must be immediately cleaned. Note that the oxide can not be scraped with a blade, only in the rosin and solder under the protection of some components with the pin to achieve the purpose of cleaning. 5. Choose the right welding head It is very important to choose the correct size and shape of the welding head. Choosing the right welding head can make the work more efficient and increase the durability of the welding head. Choose the wrong welding head and affect the welding iron can not play the highest efficiency, welding quality will be reduced. The size of the welding head is directly related to the heat capacity. The larger the welding head is, the larger the heat capacity is, the smaller the welding head is, the smaller the heat capacity. Continuous welding, the use of the larger welding head, the temperature drop decreases, in addition, because the large welding head heat capacity is high, when welding can use a relatively low temperature welding head is not easy to oxidation, increase its life. Short and thick soldering iron head long heat and thin soldering iron head fast, and more durable. Flat, blunt tip can send more heat than a sharp tip. In general, the size of the welding head does not affect the adjacent components as the standard. Choosing geometries that are in full contact with the solder joints can improve welding efficiency.

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