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Raspberry Pi 5” LCD Display HDMI w/touch 800×480

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Very nice display compatible with Raspberry Pi 3 B, 2 B, 1 A+ and B+. It fits easily and has a very good response time thanks to its HDMI interface. This is the only one we've seen to boast this interface while still being a plug-in cape/shield.

Setup time is quite fast, you just have to set the resolution in the config.txt of your raspberry pi and voilà ! (installing a driver is still needed but easy to use the touch interface).

Product Description

  • Very easy to install and use, compatible and compact size for RPI
  • Very easy to setup software and drivers for RPI
  • 800 × 480 HD resolution, support for touch control
  • Compatible and plugs directly into any version of Raspberry Pi (Raspberry Pi generation B-type need to reprovision the HDMI cable), no need cable for B+ , A+ and R2
  • Can also be used for Cubieboard, Marsboard which has HDMI interface.
  • Provide drive (which can be directly used to customize the Raspbian system)
  • Universal HDMI display is not limited to Raspberry Pi (with resolution requirements)
  • For display only, does not occupy any I / O resources (using the touch function, take I / O)
  • The backlight control, better power saving
  • Immersion Gold process, crafted


  • Package not including the RPI board, microsd card and wifi mini card.
  • We don’t provide the custom Raspbian OS image, it is not necessary for new version of raspbian.
  • Only provide support for the latest version of RPI, please update if necessary.

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