Adaptateur USB NRF24L01P

This is an usb adapter supporting simple AT commands for the NRF24L01 chipset. Enclosures can change between versions.
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Manufacturer description:

This product uses the USB interface of the 2.4G kernel, let the computer terminal is compatible any cheap wireless module communication directly. In other words, computer exchange data by wireless and single chip microcomputer direct. Compatible module UART serial API function calls host computer program with computer terminal access module. Let the computer direct wireless control chip, or SCM through the wireless transmission data to the computer.

What does it means ?

In other words, beside google translated gibberish, it means that the device is recognized as a TTYACM port (COM port under windows, /dev/ttyACMx under linux, etc), and that you can control it with serial commands.

Manufacturer notes :

  1. USB wireless device, the computer terminal is identified as the serial device (please install serial driver)
  2. the sending end baud rate can be freely set, in order to prevent the receiver processing not to come over, sending the best every hair a package after a delay of 5 milliseconds
  3. only need a AT instruction, such as AT+SET=40270102030405
    Instruction interpretation: 40 representative 0X40 refers to physical frequency, and 0X40MHZ in the 2400MHZ based on a set of 126
    27 representatives of the SETUP register set, used to transmit power and receive the baud rate
    0102030405 representatives of 5 software physical address
  4. USB wireless module when no data transmission, automatic entry into the receiving state
  5. modules work in dynamic data packet format
    NRF24L01+ compatible module support. Simple said each transceiver is to package as a unit, the normal use of the receiving end, everyone agreed, such as sending and receiving are arranged into 3 or 5 bytes in a bag and so on, the largest 32 a packet data! But often the condition, I am a packet if 32 bytes (a good negotiation!). Now I want to send 37 bytes, then I'll send a 32 byte packet, and the second byte effective only 5, but the receiving end each received in 32 as the standard, then the receiver is very confused, received the 32 data
    If set to the dynamic model, the sending end to send a few bytes a package sent a few bytes, and the receiving end without consultation! If the receiver set into dynamic receiving mode, when the internal 2.4G module receives the end there is a special statistical receive how many data!
  6. Received NRF24L01+ program finishing
Plus d’information
Fabricant Non
Compatibilité avec les cartes Non
Micro-controlleur(s) Non
Famille de micro-controlleur Non
Type de CPU Non
Vitesse d'horloge Non
Mémoire Flash (programme) Non
Mémoire RAM (vive) Non
Couleur Non
Connectivité Non
Tension en entrée Non
Courant Non
Voltage Non
Watts (entrée) Non
Watts (sortie) Non
Fréquence Radio Non
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