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Plate-forme robotique légère à 2 étages et 4 roues motrices (4WD , idéal pour projets Arduino)

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A simple mechanical structure, very convenient platform to build upon with 4 DC motors that can be controlled separately.

Two levels of acrylic plates to allow for bigger electronics. Very simple assembly.

Carrying Capacity: About 1Kg
Chassis: Plexi-Glass
Current: 80-100mA
5V rotate speed: 200/min
5V speed: 40m/min

Board size: 21.5x14cm(apprxo)
Tire size:7x3cm(approx)
Motor size:7x3.8x2cm(approx)
Color: shown in the picture

Package Includes:
2 X  Acrylic Car Board  
4 X Car Tires   
4 X Gear Motor   
4 X Motor Fasteners 
A few of Screws

Double Level Extended Body Smart Car Chassis 4WD Wheel Drive For Arduino

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