Récepteur audio et amplificateur en bluetooth USB MICRO SD (Bluetooth audio receiver and amplifier

8,00 €

This bluetooth audio receiver comes bundled with amplifier, making it ready to receive your audio streams wirelessly on any speaker.

3.7V Micro USB Car Bluetooth Phone Call Hands Free Audio Receiver Board Wireless Stereo Sound Module 

  • 3.7V Micro USB  Bluetooth  Audio Receiver Board Wireless Stereo Sound Module FLAC WMA MP3 TF Raido

    Novel bluetooth audio receiver plate with bluetooth hands Free, with the function of both in English and Chinese, switch prompt with the function of the radio, breakpoint airing function, the function of remote control, support U disk and the TF card playback function, support nondestructive FLAC, WAV, MP3, WMA four format. Support the 3.5 MM audio seat output, can be used as a front input audio signal input amplifiers. Support the headset insert appreciate music function.

    Product features:

    1: small size, easy to carry, the entire SMT process, stable and reliable quality.


    3: support functions, switch in both Chinese and English prompt shipment the default prompt in Chinese.

    4: support the radio function. If you don't need radio function, can block radio function.

    5: supports external audio signal input function, can meet other audio signal input.

    6: support U disk/TF card playback function, support FLAC/play four WAV/MP3 / WMA format.

    7: to support breakpoint airing function, where is broken, next time where electricity start

    (after the first pull out U disk/TF power can be realized).

    8: support headset/audio output function.

    9: support mobile power supply or use the android mobile phone chargers cable power supply.

    10: support single section 3.7 V lithium battery power supply, with independent power supply  interface.

    11: support the function of remote control, convenient control operation, get rid of the cumbersome operation.

    Packing list :

    1PCS* Bluetooth Hands Free Audio MP3 Board


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