Arduino IR Infrared shield

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A simple infrared shield including transmitting and receiving function.

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  • A simple infrared shield including transmitting and receiving function, so the IR signal can be receive, store and replay, so this work flow is a recording. Now you can replace all the remote controller of your domestic appliance by arduino!
  • Two programmer LED and two programmer buttons,  one extra ‘SEND’ LED serial connects to the Infrared transmitter, so whenever the transmitter is working you can see this LED blink too. See all the pin definition on wiki page.
  • Supported by arduino library IRremote.
  • Note: all the IR signal can be read but not all can be “recognized” by the code (for example NEC code), some signal will only be read and identified as “raw” data, but may not re-presentable, this is code issue, please try it yourself.
  • IRremote library
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