2.2" Serial TFT LCD Display (SPI, 176X220, ILI9225) (screen)

This great little display boasting a 176X220 resolution has a wide support for all your MCU and little ARM/Linux-based boards. It will work on Arduino, STM32, Raspberry Pi and others.
Oh, did I mention it also has an SD card slot ? Making it maybe one of the best value display we can have to offer.
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  • TFT01_2.2 SP is a 2.2 "SPI TFT LCD Screen Module, 10pins interface, compatible 5110 LCD interface. Not just a LCD break but include SD card (2GB),
  • The LCD in the TFT01 is ILI9225. It's a 176X220 (resolution), 2.2S inch TFT LCD screen.The LCD has a wide viewing angle, the contrast is also very suitable.
  • The display interface is serial, it just needs 5 wires (CS, RS, SCL, SDA, RST) for controlling.
  • Replace LCD5110 and is compatible with all the shields having a slot for it.
  • SDcard uses hardware SPI interface (CS / MOSI / MISO / SCK) (those pins come unsoldered for compatibility with other displays)


  • SDO: Serial clock output
  • LED: 3.3V IO and Power Supply pin
  • SCL: Serial clock input
  • SDA / SDI: Serial data input
  • DC: Data / Command selection
  • RST: Reset, Low level active
  • CS: Chip Selection, Low level active
  • GND: Ground
  • VDD33: 3.3V Power Supply pin
  • UTFT Support




On Arduino just use the UTFT library, it has a built-in model for the 2.2" ILI9341 displays.

On Raspberry PI and other linux boards, the FBTFT has a mode for it. There is a tutorial here. TL;DR :

  • Install the FBTFT kernel module following this tutorial
  • Wire the SPI MOSI/SCK/SS(CS) wires to the equivalent on the Raspberry PI.
  • Wire the Reset, D/C and LED to the GPIO you want, but remember their number.
  • Install the module with (replace the GPIOs with what you have chosen):
    sudo modprobe fbtft_device custom name=fb_ili9341  gpios=reset:25,dc:24,led:18 speed=16000000 rotate=90 bgr=1
  • Now you can activate it :
    con2fbmap 1 1

On STM32 boards, there is native support for it as the STM32F429 Discovery board includes one. Here is a library/tutorial for ILI9341 displays.

Plus d’information
Compatibilité avec les cartes Arduino clones, Arduino Due, Arduino Duemilanove, Arduino Leonardo, Arduino mega, Arduino Micro, Arduino Mini, Arduino Nano, Arduino Pro, Arduino Uno, C2000 Launchpad, Chipkit 32, Cubieboard, iTeaduino mega, MSP430 Launchpad, PcDuino, Raspberry Pi, Seeeduino mega, Stellaris Launchpad, STM32 Discovery, STM32 Nucleo, STM32F3 Discovery, STM32F4 Discovery, STM32L Discovery, STM32VL Discovery, STM8S Discovery
Fabricant Non
Couleur Non
Voltage 3.3v, 3.7v, 5.5v, 5v
Connectivité SPI
Package Non
Mémoire Flash (programme) Non
Tension en entrée 3.3-5v
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