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Bluetooth Multimeter

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Bluetooth Multimeter is an intelligent peripheral of android phones, specially designed for engineers. Not only can it easily collect data such as voltage, current and resistance etc., this multimeter can also communicate with phones via bluetooth. Thus, the data gathered will be displayed on your phones. Continuous optimization of hardware and software guarantees this multimeter’s measurement accuracy.

Both its hardware and software are open source! Besides, we also provide API as well as detailed instructions, making this Bluetooth Multimeter an open platform for developers to use and re-develop more conveniently. It can gather data of various sensors, such as heartbeat, and then transmit it to smartphones for data-monitoring. The perfect combination of hardware and software provides infinite possibility for your application and exploitation.
This Bluetooth Multimeter features a built-in lithium battery and rechargeable circuit. Strict control of power consumption in the software ensures the easy application of this product. Acrylic shell makes it easy to assemble on the one hand, and makes the product stable and reliable on the other hand.
  • Bluetooth communication
  • Great endurance
  • Supportive UI routine
  • Totally open source, including hardware, software & Android API
  • Platform to connect smartphones with the real life
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