soldering iron kit, with adjustable temperature, 5 spare tips. 60W


Light weight,comfortable general purpose.This series are designed for laboratory,household repair soldering.

Soldering gun 908S 80W description

✔ Temperature regulation mode: the welding temperature range is 200-400 ℃, heat up quickly, high temperature stability, can protect your welding objects, clear LCD display: a high-definition LCD display, which indicates more clearly the temperature state.
✔Welding Tips: The high quality alloy can resist oxidation, configure 5 different tips to meet different job requirements
✔The steel pipe design helps cool down quickly. The four ventilation holes on the solder tip ensure better heat dissipation than the others. Energy efficient, 70% lower power consumption than ordinary soldering iron, which is more energy saving and environmental protection. The body of the soldering iron is light, which will reduce the fatigue of the user's hands. Correct cable length for practical use.
✔This pencil type soldering iron function is more powerful than a soldering station. Its heat production to keep the temperature constant.
✔For basic electronic circuit board work, jewelry making and repairing, as well as most models work, this device will do it all. Do not weld on dirty metals and objects not intended to be welded.


1. When the soldering iron is plugged in for the first time, there will be smoke from the end. The smoke will stop in no time and smoke will never come out again.

2. Use solder rack and other tools to avoid burnt fingers.

3. Do not pull the tip of the soldering iron out and use it in this way, which will shorten the life of the heating element. 4. Do not apply too much solder unnecessarily.

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