Bluetooth Stereo Audio Modules Modification Wireless Speaker Amplifier Audio KRC-86B V4.0


The British imported CSR Bluetooth chip, complete package designed to connect peripherals using the latest smartphones, perfectly compatible with 3.0, 4.0, Bluetooth phone and Bluetooth adapter.

Password, enter 0000

High quality Bluetooth chip, Bluetooth version V4.0 + A2DP

Receive up to 20 meters distance of about 10 m, unobstructed case

Small size: 32MM * 32MM

Power: 3V-5.5V

A set of stereo AUX audio input

A set of stereo audio output

A Bluetooth indicator

A Bluetooth status control output

5 key ports


Workflow Module

Automatic power-on, the status of AUX output

After the module is powered, automatic initialization, probably completed around 5S

After initialization, automatically connect back to the last connected device, LED starts flashing

If you are not connected to a device, the module automatically enters pairing mode

Namely: to search for other Bluetooth devices to this device, the device name is: KRC-86B V4

Once connected, LED from flashing to long bright, turn Bluetooth output output output +3.3 V while the EN pin high

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