Xadow - Main Board

The module is a microcontroller board based on the controller ATmega32U4 with 32k flash. Board can be powered either from the USB connection or a Lithium battery(80mA output current). And the board can charge for the Lithium battery through the USB port. The USB port on the board can be also used for upload program.When you upload program to the Xadow Main Board as you do with other Arduino boards, please select "Arduino Leonardo " from the Tools > Board menu. It is a indispensable part in the Xadow Kit.

  • Can Stackable
  • Low Consumption
  • Small Volume
Xadow is a though small but perfectly formed Arduino(TM) compatible board series containing several modules. It's a kit extremely suitable for space-sensitive projects such as wearable devices & arts designs, which have higher request on size, weight and flexible cascade connection.
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