Basic Kit for Arduino

Basic beginners kit for Arduino.

This Bacis Kit for Arduino is the perfect kit for you to dive into the electronics and Arduino world. most popular accessories for a first-time user to learn about the Arduino hardware,

List of packages:
1. 0
2. 0
3. Dual male splittable jumper wires 100mm, 40 pins

4. yellow led light 10

5. Red led lights 10
6. Blue led lights 10
7. Green led lights 10
8. Three-color plug-in led a component
9.220R resistance 10
10.1K resistance 10
11.10K resistance 10
12.10NF ceramic capacitors 10
13.100NF ceramic capacitors 10
14.100UF electrolytic capacitor 5
15. Ball switch components 2
16.103 thermistor 2
17. Photoresistor components 2
18. Diode (4007) 2
19. Active buzzer components 1
20. One of the passive buzzer components
21. Flame element 1
22. A digital tube 1
23. Four digital tube one
24.LM35 components 1
25.74HC595 chip 1
26. Press four keys
27 0
28.10K precision adjustable 1
29.1 * 40pin pin 1

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