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USB Endoscope 3.5M (5.5mm, waterproof, Micro USB OTG and USB, magnet & hook, Android, Win, Mac, Linux)

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Ever lost something in a hole (your keys maybe ?), wanted to see inside a closed device or anything else where an endoscope might be useful (for the keys part, the included magnet &/OR hook is the best part) ?
In all those cases, this endoscope could have saved you :)

That product is just perfect to have around, just in case, or if you have something specific to do with it now.

Specs :

  • 640x480 max resolution at 30FPS
  • USB OTG compatible (be sure your phone supports UVC video and OTG)
  • 5.5mm diameter
  • 3.5M cable length
  • Variable led light power (ust turn that potentiometer on the side of the control part)
  • Accessories included:
    • USB adapter for regular computer use. No need of drivers on Linux & OSX as usual, but windows user will need one, which is included
    • Hook
    • Magnet
    • Mirror for side view


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