Galvanometer motor (SC17-15K)


Galvanometer motor is a lower cost stander parts used in laser equipment, easy to be used and assembled. it's offer a most cheap, convenient option when you want to controll the light beam.

Small volume, 
compact structure, 
convenient installation      
Analog signal control
Scanning Angle: ±30°光学角 (出厂设定 ±20°)
Rotor inertia: 0.025 gm*cm2, ±10%
torque: 2.5 x 104 dyne-cm/amp, ±10%
The maximum coil temperature: 100℃
The stator coil shell heat resistance: 8℃/W
coil resistance: 8.3Ω±10%
coil inductance: 153uH±10%
The average current carrying: 1.5A
response time one step: 0.3ms
linearity: 99.0%
Repeat accuracy: 15 microradians
Size of the lens: 7mm*11mm*0.6mm
Mirror reflectivity: >98% @45°入射(覆盖波长:380nm-700nm)
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