PiFi DAC: I2S Interface HIFI DAC+ Sound Card For Raspberry PI B+/2B/3 Best Audio Playback Quality

PIFI DAC expansion board (PiFi DAC +) is dedicated for Raspberry Pi 2B/3/B +, which features TI's higher-end DAC chip (PCM5122), I2S interface(non-USB interface).

PIFI DAC expansion board (PiFi DAC +) is dedicated for Raspberry Pi 2B/3/B +, which features TI's higher-end DAC chip (PCM5122), I2S interface(non-USB interface). It supports volume controlled by hardware (the old DAC uses PCM5102A chip hardware, which can not support volume controlled by hardware). With this extension board, users can use it with audio playback system (eg: volumio, xbmc system, etc.) to build their own network HIFI player; It provides two kinds of output interfaces, making it easier to connect external amplifiers. Now you can get rid of troubles such as high PC power consumption, slow start and slow shutdown, big power supply noise.

This HiFi DAC + expansion board is designed on the base of the old version B DAC expansion board. The new version has upgraded to higher-end chips and circuits, and added more practical functions, it has higher performance. Thus, it is highly recommended!

Note: The headphone interface is mainly purposed to connect to an external amplifier. Although we have tested and proved that this board can drive most low internal resistance headphone, and a lot of overseas fans use it to directly drive headphones, there is no official data referring it can directly drive headphones. Please note!


  • 1. Upgraded DAC chip, high end PCM5122 chip, I2S interface, supports volume and auto parameters adjusted through I2C interface; supports 16 to 32 bit audio data format; supports 384kHz high sampling rate, 112dB dynamic range, distortion -93Db. Soft up or down ramp and analog mute for 120dB mute SNR.
  • 2. PCM5122 integrates negative charge pump, no DC blocking capacitors required; 2.1Vrms with ground center output; greatly suppress band noise. Support loading as low as 1K, PCM510xA can drive multiple paralleled devices(multiple amplifiers work at the same time).
  • 3. Output ports has gold plated RCV dual terminal and gold-plated 3.5mm Headset seat.
  • 4. Isolated power supply design, independent power supply for raspberry pi and DAC; Ferrite bead has common ground, which avoids current sound.
  • 5. Welding free, just plug onto the Raspberry Pi and play; I2S interface directly decode digital to analog.
  • 6. Double color LED indicates device status, red is for DAC power indicator (normal power: ON), green is to show DAC working status(working: ON, Stop: OFF).
  • 7 Perfectly fits official PI HAT size, gold plating process for PCB board, arc wiring, better guarantee impedance continuity of the signal, reduce signal reflection and refraction.


How to configure Volumio to support HiFi DAC?

How to configure Raspbmc(XBMC) to support HiFi DAC?

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