2.8" Serial TFT LCD Display (SPI, 240x320, ILI9341) (screen)

This great little display boasting a 320x240 resolution has a wide support for all your MCU and little ARM/Linux-based boards. It will work on Arduino, STM32, Raspberry Pi and others.
Oh, did I mention it also has an SD card slot ? Making it maybe one of the best value display we can have to offer.


  • Only need 4-6 IOs (D13~D8(SCK, DO, DI, CS), AO(DC), RST) to control
  • 240*320 Resolution for 2.8”
  • QVGA display, very great display quality
  • Includes SD Slot for all versions
  • Touch screen function: Available, TP control IC XPT2046.
  • Get many arduino library support, we tested UTFT library, adafruit library and arduino official TFT library, see the “displaytext” demo that using TFT library here (works for 1.8”).
  • Stable product supplier and constant good quality, good for large batch using, compare to Nokia 5110 LCD (savaged second-hand), it is double price but better quality and stable supplying.

Note for power and logic:

  • 2.8” LCD 3v3 TTL, work at 3.3V operational voltage supported boards, like pro mini 3.3V/8M, Arduino Due, etc.


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