Freeduino USB Complete KIT


You want to try arduino at a very small price and like to solder ? Look no more, and take that little soldering kit.

You will make a complete and functionnal arduino board (freeduino flavor actually) in a little time : Freeduino USB complete Kit includes all the kits needed to assemble Freeduino. And now the Freeduino USB Kit comes with a mini USB-B connector pre-soldered to the PCB and the Atmega 328 microcontroller.

The FT232RL chip is pre-soldered, eliminating the most difficult component to solder. The rest of the components are easy to solder through-hole. We also switched from metal film 1% resistors to standard resistors for easier value reading for novice users.

All you need is a soldering iron, some solder, a multimeter and soldering skills.

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