CC2650 Simplelink SensorTag Kit

The new SensorTag IoT kit invites you to realize your cloud-connected product idea. The new SensorTag now includes 10 low-power MEMS sensors in a tiny red package. And it is expandable with DevPacks to make it easy to add your own sensors or actuators.
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Connect to the cloud with Bluetooth Smart and get your sensor data online in 3 minutes. The SensorTag is ready to use right out the box with an iOS and Android app, with no programming experience required to get started.

The new SensorTag is based on the CC2650 wireless MCU, offering 75% lower power consumption than previous Bluetooth Smart products. This allows the SensorTag to be battery powered, and offer years of battery lifetime from a single coin cell battery.

The Bluetooth Smart SensorTag includes iBeacon technology. This allows your phone to launch applications and customize content based on SensorTag data and physical location.

Additionally, the SensorTag can be enabled with ZigBee®/6LoWPAN technology.

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What are SimpleLink™ microcontrollers?
Simply said, SimpleLink™ microcontrollers are wireless devices that can easily and securely connect to the Cloud.

Why SensorTag?
SensorTag technology is a sensor in the Cloud development platform. Using the SensorTag app that is available via iOS and Android, you can quickly and easily see and work with your sensor data.

Features & Benefits of the CC2650 SimpleLink™ SensorTag Evaluation Kit
• Features a variety of microelectromechanical (MEMs) sensors
- TMP007 IR thermopile temperature sensor
- MPU-9450 9-axis motion sensor
- HDC1000 digital humidity sensor
- BMP280 altimeter/pressure sensor
- MK24 magnet sensor
- SP40641LU digital microphone
- OPT3001 ambient light sensor
• Uses Bluetooth Smart®
• Longlife battery power
• iBeacon technology — helps you to launch the phone apps you need and the content you need according to location
• Can be enabled using ZigBee®/6LoWPAN technology
• Compatible with Contiki OS (See

More Information
Board compatibility No
Manufacturer Texas Instruments
Color Red
Voltage 3.3v
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0 BLE
Package No
Flash Memory No
Input voltage No
Current No
Clock Speed No
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